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SAP Business Objects 4.0

Checkout below cool Business Objects XI 4.0 demos.

Official SAP BI 4.0 Demo : In this demo SAP demonstrates following products

  • Analysis Web Edition
  • Xcelsius (Dashboard Design Tool in 4.0) - One of the new features is now in 4.0 you can directly add a query on top of universes.
  • BI Launchpad
  • Information Design Tool
  • Analysis Office Edition

Xcelsius Dashboard

SAP has introduced new chart types in Web Intelligence 4.0 which has been renamed to Interactive Analysis. Below are new chart types introduced in Web Intelligence 4.0.

  • Pie chart with depth
  • Scatter charts
  • Bubble charts
  • Box plot
  • Heat map
  • Tree map

Crystal Report

Xcelsius is a cool presentation tool to design and display dashboards. I was recently working on a project with the requirement of showing current time on the dashboard. There is no time or clock component in xcelsius to achieve this.

First I tried using Excel's NOW() function. The problem with now function is that it only displays the static time when you first open the dashboard. The time won't change after that even when you refresh dashboard connections. 

There is a neat trick using History component to achieve this functionality.